New compact
solultion for sensor tubes

Our innovation:

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Compact plug-and-play
solution for connecting
railway CCTV cameras 

Our innovation:

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Provertha introduces compact
connector solution for
high-speed data transmission
with any cable length

Our innovation:

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D-Sub solutions

Our innovation:

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Robust and very compact
M12 adapter with X to D and
D to X coding

Our innovation:

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Patented M12

press-fit connector system

The flexible, safe and robust solution

Our innovation:

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M12 adapter with X to D and D to X coding.

Robust and very compact.

Patented M12 press-fit connector system

The flexible, safe and robust solution


New patented locking system for D-Sub full-metal hoods.

New: Catalogue

Connectors, cases & cable manufacture with highest quality standard

Circular Connectors

Vibration and torsion-proof plug connection


Bus connectors for highest functional reliability


D-Sub plug connectors for safe connections


PROVERTHA takes over the D-Sub connector program range from ERNI

Plastic and die-cast hoods

With versatile cable outlets and locking systems

Wire to Board

Fastest, most effective and most reliable Wire to Board connections


For more than 40 years, PROVERTHA is a successful manufacturer for safe data and signal transfer in complex networks.


PROVERTHA offers complete and detailed solutions for different industries. Let us convince you of our experience in industrial technology.


Due to the high quality, PROVERTHA rail products became established worldwide. We offer precisely fitting complete solutions, purchase and logistics inclusive.


The independent business unit PROVERTHA Automotive Solutions develops and produces specific components for system providers of car manufacturers.

Safe data

and signal transfer for complex networks

Provertha is a producer and supplier of electromechanical parts which make the data and signal transfer in networks with high demands even safer. In particular, we concentrate on high-quality D-Sub connectors, M12 connectors, hoods, die-cast hoods, but also on customer-specific solutions.

Connectors, housings and cable manufacture

with highest quality demands

Our product range includes electromechanical parts such as D-Sub connectorsM12 connectors or full-metal hoods which are all characterised by a very high quality standard. We specialised on providing the highest physical stability in extremely challenging networks with our electromechanical quality products.

Electromechanical parts

with many advantages

During the development and production of electromechanical parts we are putting a special emphasis on reliability, easy mountingand compact designs. Our M12 connectors for example are characterised by their reliable 360° shielding and our hoods and full-metal hoods by tested, partly patented quick-connectors. Provertha products are particularly suitable for projects with high demands. Especially when challenging networks are exposed to extreme interference factors such as heat, humidity or harmful substances, Provertha’s quality products are in demand.


Connectors, cases & cable manufacture with highest quality standard

The revised, over 200-page catalog includes, for the first time, the TMC series with high-performance PCB D-Sub connectors as well as the M12-Mini series for field assembly in the codings D, A-5 and X as well as fully shielded modular distribution solutions in Die-cast zinc for high EMC and mechanical requirements. With the title of the new catalog, Provertha underpins its corporate motto “Fitting your application” as a quality promise to customers.