Reliable and functional connectors with 360° shielding and modern crimp flange.

Shielded M12 connectors with B, D, A-coding

PROVERTHA M12 connectors are characterised by reliable 360° shielded solution, crimp flange and compact outer dimensions. Even in extremely rough industrial environments these quality products ensure a safe signal transfer. Our M12 connectors are available in various codings, for example the M12 A-code, M12 B-code and M12 D-code.

M12 D-code connector for use in railway technology

The PROVERTHA M12 Special was developed particularly for conductors with an inflexible interior isolation; these appear, for example, in railway conductors according to the new fire protection standard 45545-2. The special design allows an easy connection of the cable shield. The completely shielded die-cast housing and the reliable cable strain relief with a crimp sleeve/crimp flange system, which is also suitable for increased stresses, guarantee a safe application – even in extremely rough environments. Their characteristics make our connectors suitable for applications that are needed in aeronautical technology and everywhere where high-quality and functional components are needed. The safe shield contacting with a 360° EMI/RFI shielding, a torsion- and vibration-proof strain relief and compact design qualify PROVERTHA connectors for uses with extremely high demands.

Connectors for safe signal transfer

During the planning and production of our connectors, the reliable signal and data transfer are priorities. Therefore, we only use proven technologies such as crimping technology and tested solutions for a safe 360° shielding. The PROVERTHA M12 Universal series is suitable for applications with different cable diameters which are supposed to be covered reliably with only one connector. The completely shielded die-cast housing and a special sealing insert with an easy-to-handle shield contacting system guarantee a high reliability of the data and signal transfer.

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