Economic and space-saving wire-to-board solutions with ready-to-install Wireclip cable manufactures on a minimum installation height.

The reliable solution Wire-to-board

Wherever low installation heights and absolute reliability of the cable connection is essential, we recommend Wire to board solutions by PROVERTHA. We offer reliable and operationally safe connections of single strands and single conductors of round conductors and sheathed cables in various, customer-specific configurations.

Wire-to-board solutions are space-saving, economic and safe

Wire-to board solutions are particularly space-saving because of their low installation height. The contacting takes place directly, without adapter plugs. The integrated locking clip provides safe latching on the circuit board and allows 100% reliable connections.

The PROVERTHA Wireclip principle

Previously twisted and tinned single conductors are stuck into the patented Wireclip, which consists of a specially designed plastic part with an integrated snap-in board lock, then angled and shortened to the desired size. This solution has proved to be successful in the automotive industry millions of times. The Wireclip is available in a 90° or a straight version, we also offer low profile and overmolded versions to our customers.

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Wire to Board

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