Zinc die casting

Zinc die casting

We can offer and realize in our Zinc die casting department the complete project handling including design and tool making with the followed production and finishing. Contract manufacturing with your tools is the other opportunity we can offer for you. Our Zinc die casting department works with the most modern machines. 

Here are some examples from our competence fields: 

  • Bottom  parts and top parts for D-Sub hoods
  • Housings for electronic and for sensor devices

The tools we use are constructed, built and maintained by our toolmaking department. This ensures the maximum durability of customer tools we use.

Casting process

Subsequently to a repair or within a new production of a Zinc die casting tool it is necessary to carry out a sampling.
This is possible at any time, thanks to the closeness of our Zinc die casting department. We have 3 modern die casting machines with a locking force between 240 KN and 900 KN.
Sampling of tools is not a problem with this technical equipment and loss of time through shifting of tools can be minimized.

Finishing process

We offer as finishing process deburring, grinding or blasting and polishing of the die cast parts with our modern barrel tumbling unit and with our injector blasting system.
With our machine pool we can do the followed work steps like CNC machining , tapping, drilling and turning.

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