Economical Wire-to-Board solutions

Economical and space-saving Wire-to-Board solutions with Wireclip cable manufacture ready for connection on a minimum installation height.

These are reliable, fail-safe connections of single stranded wires  and single conductors of round cables and sheathed cables in different, customer-specific configurations.  

The principle

The patented Wireclip consists of a specially constructed plastic part with an integrated snap-in board lock. The single strands, which are twisted and tinned in our cable manufacture beforehand, are put into this part, angled in a device and shortened to the desired length. 

Whre is the Wireclip being used?

All-around, whre extremely low built-in height and absolutely reliable and fail-safe performance of a cable connection is essential, this solution can be found. It has proven its worth millions of times in the automotive industry; there is hardly any vehicle manufacturer who isn’t using this technology in his vehicles, namely in safety-related systems regarding vehicle safety and the steering wheel field. 

Available as 90° degree versions and straight versions plus Low Profile versions and overmoulded versions. 

Advantages of the wireclip:

  • Direct connection without adapter plug
  • Low building height and measurements
  • No contact resistances
  • Minimal assembly effort
  • Defined grid size
  • Integrated locking clip for safe latching on the circuit board
  • Packaged with customer-specific guidance
  • High temperature resistant plastic material
  • Approval in the automotive industry
  •  Connection is 100 % failsafe

Technical data:

  • Plastic material: PA 4.6
  • Melting temperature: 290 oC
  • UL approval: UL 94-VO

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