Cable connection


Customized for any application due to 3 options for the termination of the cable 

The Quick Lock hood system and the full metal (die cast) hoods of the 117/147 series allow the ideal solution for any application by offering 3 versions for the termination of the cable.

Internal cable clamp: compact shield termination and compact strain relief

For applications with small built-in depth the internal cable clamp is the right and compact solution. 

The special dual-clamp design of the internal clamp from Provertha guarantees on one hand the reliable shield connection and on the other hand the good strain relief.

External cable clamp: Special cables with large diameters

The external cable clamp suitable for cable diameters up to 14mm ( 9-37 poles) and 16mm ( 50 poles) is the perfect solution for special cables with large diameters such as drag chain and re-enforced cables.

A benefit is the bigger inner space for the cable guiding achieved by the absence of the section (seat) for internal cable clamp. The solid design secures the safe shield termination, giving 360° shielding and strain relief for rough environment.  

Crimp flange/Crimp sleeve system:  RF-conform applications with full 360° shielding

The crimp flange/crimp sleeve system from Provertha achieves in combination with the full metal hoods or metallized hoods the complete 360° shielding, which guarantees the RF-conform solution with functional reliability in environment with EMI/RFI interferences. 

The hexagonal crimp of the crimp sleeve ensures the torsion und vibration- proof shield connection and strain relief.  The simple and quick field assembly is achieved with a special mounting tool and the crimp tool with the according crimp dies for each crimp sleeve.

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