1981 – 1986

  • Formation of PROVERTHA Connectors, Cables & Solutions GmbH in Pforzheim, southwest Germany
  • First production of connectors in Beled, Hungary

1987 – 1992

  • New company building in Pforzheim-Büchenbronn
  • New production site in Beled, Hungary

1993 – 1998

  • Certification of the quality management according to DIN ISO 9001
  • Patenting of the connector soldering aid Wire-Clip
  • Opening of the high-technology production plant for plastics injection moulding and cable assemblies in Sávár, Hungary
  • Certification QS 9000

1999 – 2004

  • New technology: circuit board mounting with wave soldering machine
  • New technology: Macromelt overmoulding
  • Patenting of the metallised plastic hood with special latching system Quick-Lock
  • Certification of the quality management according to ISO/TS 16949
  • Opening of the third location in Kapuvár, Hungary, and thus another high-technology production plant for cable assembles and cable harnesses
  • For the QLH system, a zinc die-casting hood is developed and launched

2005 – 2009

  • Development of the 600 volt connector
  • In 2006, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Extension of the hermaphroditic blade programme
  • Extension of the Wire-Clip series to include a straight soldering version for compact cable connections on printed circuit boards
  • Development and production of overmoulded, partly multi-pin special connectors for the automotive sector
  • Extension of the range to include Profibus bus plugs
  • Development of a compact DVI full metal hood
  • Further development of the Wire-Clip system with a low profile version
  • Launch of the Profibus M12 crimp connector and the BoardCon series with SMT/THT male connectors
  • Extension of the PROFIBUS product range to include connecting cables, termination plugs, M12 T and Y distributors
  • Launch of ProfiNet M12 crimp connectors
  • Extension of the Wire-Clip range to include mixed versions for signal and power single conductors

2010 – now

  • Signing of the Code of Conduct according to ISO 2600 for social responsibility
  • Introduction of the CAN-Bus connector
  • Purchase of a fully-automated casting plant for the production of tight, protected assembly units 
  • Launch of the smallest Profibus connector on the market
  • Launch of a custom-made Profibus connector for Siemens Sinumerik NCU
  • PROVERTHA passes environment audit, the three Hungarian locations are awarded the ISO certificate 14001
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