UL approval for cable manufacture

We now achieved the approval for the production facilities of single strands and cable harnesses. This underlines the high quality of our cable manufacture and it’s an essential prerequisite for marketing our products in the USA and Canada.

Cable manufacture on the highest level

The production of our cable products is taking place in our plants in Hungary which are certified according to TS 16949 and DIN ISO 9001. The UL approval re-confirmed the quality level of the PROVERTHA manufacture. 

Our production plants are equipped as follows:

  • Automatic cutting machines for sheathed and coaxial cables 
  • Up-to-date crimping machines with crimp force monitoring for a reliable production 
  • Modern laboratories for crimping assessment
  • High-quality overmoulding of cables and connectors  

Extensive cable portfolio

Due to the many possibilities in our production plants we are manufacturing, among other things, cables for the communication technology, headphone cables, cables for the automation technology, D-sub system cables for industrial communication, M12 connecting cables, audio technology and automotive cables as well as customer-specific solutions.

We are pleased that the usage and marketing opportunities of our high-quality and reliable cable products are expanding thanks to the UL approval. 

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