New variation of the QL full-metal hood – 104 IK

The PROVERTHA full-metal hood from the series 104 with the proven Quick-Lock latching system is now available with an internal cable clamp – that way, the cable can be connected faster and easier.

Quick-Lock – the name says it all
All QL full-metal hoods are characterised by the groundbreaking and already tried-and-tested  Quick-Lock latching system. The advantages of this system include the fast and easy one-hand operation and the safe locking. This elaboratory latching also guarantees the highest holding force.

Advantages of PROVERTHA full-metal hoods
PROVERTHA’s full-metal hoods  qualify themselves by their extremely high mechanical resiliance – even when used in very rough environments. They are particularly easy to assemble due to the accessible design and the pre-cut threads. Additionally, our full-metal hoods reach an optimal HF-density in connection with crimp flanges.

We always think one step ahead
Our company never stands still – your needs are our motivation. Therefore we always adjust the planning and development of new products to your requirements. The result are  innovative electromechanical parts who fulfill their tasks even under extreme conditions.

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