Digital microscope KEYENCE VHX 700

Razor sharp images and 3D view at the push of a button

The KEYENCE VHX 700 is an all-in-one system for viewing, measuring and recording various research objects. The high-resolution microscope allows 1:1 views through to a 200x enlargement. A special blue filter changes the wavelength of the light and thus allows a particularly high resolution. Furthermore, our new microscope offers a 3D view with a high imaging depth for focusing whole research objects and allows a flexible view from a variety of angles. 

Where is the KEYENCE VHX 700 used at PROVERTHA?

With our new microscope, we perform professional analyses of parts among other things. Immediately after arrival of the product, it is examined directly at our premises. Even highly reflective objects like connectors or wires can be displayed with the Keyence VHX 700 clearly and without glares. 

Due to the flexible arm and the rotatable plate of the microscope we can, with optimum illumination, photograph and film research objects and depict them as a 3D models. This makes error detection a lot easier. 

For our customers, this means: fast reaction time with implementation of emergency measures in case of claims. 

Quality assurance is our first priority 

Quality is our trademark. Therefore, we are constantly striving to minimise sources of error and identify problems before serial production.
The acquisition of our new KEYENCE digital microscope took us one step further with regard to quality assurance. 

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