M12 D4 Gerade normal

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M12 D4 Gerade normal

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M12 D4 Gerade normal

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Fully shielded M12 D Cable Connector Crimp Industrial Ethernet

The 4pole M12 D KV with the 2 wide cable clamp ranges from 4 up to 6.5 mm and 5.5 up to 9 mm plus the fully shielded housing together with the shielded strain relief the universal fail-safe solution for all common cables on the market for Industrial Ethernet-applications

Technical features

- Huge cable clamp range: 4-9 mm
2 versions: 4-6.5 mm and 5.5 up to 9 mm

- Male and female versions

- Coding: D coding 4-pole

- Effective 360° EMI/RFI shielding achieved by special full metal housing and by a solid fully shielded strain relief

- Easy assembly due to only a few single parts

- Compact dimensions with small diameter

- M12 Locking nut with combined knurled and hexagon combination shape for tightening with defined torque


Technische Daten

Steckverbinder/Connector M12 gemäß/acc. to IEC 61076-2-101
Codierung-Polzahl/Coding-Pin number D-4
Strombelastbarkeit/Current rating 4 A
Bemessungaspannung/Nominal voltage 50 V DC
Durchgangswiderstand/Contact resistance ≤ 5 mΩ
Isolationswiderstand/Insulation resistance ≥ 100 MΩ
Übertragungseigenschaften/Data transmission characteristics Klasse D gemäß IEC 11801:2002/Class D according to IEC 11801:2002
Datenübertragungsrate/Data transmission rate 10/100 Mbit/s 10/100 Mbit/s
Anschlussart Einzelader/Termination single wire Gedrehte Crimp snap-in Kontakte vergoldet  Machined crimp snap-in contacts gold plated
Aderquerschnitte/Wire Size AWG 18-28
Kabeldurchmesser/Cable diameter 4-9 mm
Schutzart/IP protection IP 67 (nur schraubverriegelt/only screw-locked)
Temperaturbereich/Temperature range -40°C bis/to +85°C
Mechanische Lebensdauer/Mechanical lifetime ≥ 200 Steckzyklen/mating cycles


Gehäuuse/Housing CU-Legierung vernickelt /CU alloy Ni plated
Isolierkörper+Kontakthalter/Insulator+contact holder Thermoplast
I2/F2 gemäß NFF-16-101/102 und HL3 gemäß R22/R23 EN 45545-2
I2/F2 according to NFF-16-101/102 and HL3 according to R22/R23 EN 45545-2
Kontakte/Contacts Cu-Legierung vergoldet/Cu alloy gold plated
Dichtungen/Sealings Elastomer


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