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360° EMI/RFI M12 A-8 HM Crimp for field assembly

The new, fully shielded 8-pin A-coded cable connector M12 crimp for rear panel installation in protection class IP67 particularly fulfills the requirements for the reliable Ethernet connection and the interference-free data transmission in railway technology. This is achieved by a safe signal contacting through a safe signal contacting through twisted massive crimp contacts and a safe shield contacting due to a very compact full-metal housing and a 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange system along with a vibration- and torsion-proof cable strain relief. The full-metal housing provides a high sturdiness against damage in rough environmental conditions



M12 gemäß/acc. to IEC 61076-2-101

Codierungs-Polzahl/Coding-Pin number


Strombelastbarkeit/Current rating

2 A

Bemessungsspannung/Nominal voltage

30 V DC

Durchgangswiderstand/Contact resistance

≤ 5 mΩ

Isolationswiderstand/Insulation resistance

≥ 100 MΩ

Anschlussart Einzelader/Termination single wire

Gedrehte Crimp Snap-in-Kontakte/Machined crimp snap-in contacts

Aderquerschnitt/Wire size

AWG 22–24

Kabelzugentlastung und Kabelschirmanschluss/Cable strain relief and cable shield termination

Crimpflanschsystem mit Crimpeinsatz + Crimphülse/Crimp flange system with crimp insert + crimp sleeve

Schutzart/IP protection

IP 67 (nur schraubverriegelt/only screw-locked)

Temperaturbereich/Temperature range

Mit Griffhülse/ with grip cap: –40° C bis/to +70° C ohne Griffhülse/ w/o grip cap: –40° C bis/to +85° C

Mechanische Lebensdauer/Mechanical lifetime

≥ 200 Steckzyklen/mating cycles

Schock und Vibrationssicherheit/Shock and vibration proofness

DIN EN 61373 Kategorie 1, Klasse B/ DIN EN 61373Category 1, class B




Cu-Legierung vernickelt/Cu alloy Ni plated

Isolierkörper +Kontakthalter/Insulator + contact holder

Thermoplast I2/F2 gemäß NFF-16-101/102 und HL3 gemäß R22/R23 EN 45545-2

I2/F2 according to NFF-16-101/102 and HL3 according to R22/R23 EN 45545-2


Cu-Legierung/Cu alloy



Griffhülse/Grip booth

TPE mit S3 und SR2 gemäß DIN 5510-2/TPE with S3 and SR2 according to DIN 5510-2



Gewinde Wandbefestigung/Panel mount thread


Gehäuse Außen-6kt/Wrench size housing

SW 19/ AF 19

Außenabmessungen /Outer dimensions in mm

56 x 21


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