Profibus Compact EK

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Profibus Compact EK

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Profibus Compact EK

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Bus connector Compact external cable clamp connection

Compact PROFIBUS Bus connector external cable clamp

The easy and reliable connection for the interference-proof EMV-suitable data transmission is secured by bus connectors with an external cable clamp which guarantees a safe strain relief and shield transition of the Profibus cable.
The very compact design allows the application in almost every installation situation, especially restricted installation places.

Technical features

- Compact outer dimensions for restricted installation situations

- Cable connection: 90° towards the D-Sub mating direction

- Effective EMI/RFI cable shielding via special, completely closed full-metal housing and massive cable clamp

- Completely shielded die-cast zinc housing for EMI/RFI safety with a special shielding geometry at the housing

- Easy, fault-free connection with coloured clamps with letters for the respective Profibus wire

- Vibration-proof, easy and fast due to cage clamp

- Flexibility at the outer cable diameter due to cable clapms for various cable diameters, for example drag chain cables

- Massive switch lever, externally operable for activation of the bus termination

- Lever ON/OFF position coloured and visible from the front

- Programming/diagnosis option with second D-Sub

- Latching: knurled screw UNC 4-40

- 100% geprüfte Busstecker für hohe Funktionssicherheit


Data rate

12 Mbit/s

Bus interface

D-Sub 9-pin, pin

Mechanical lifetime

200 mating cycles

Temperature range

-20° C to + 70° C

Permitted humidity

Max. 75% at + 25° C, non-condensing

Protection class

IP 30

Housing material


D-Sub screw latch

UNC 4-40

Cable diameter

7-10 mm (up to 14 mm on request)

Wire termination

Cage clamp

Single wire cross-section

0.08-0.5 mm2 (AWG 26-AWG 20)

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