Profibus Compact 2

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Profibus Compact 2

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Profibus Compact 2

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Bus Connectors Compact 2 Plug&Play M12 for SINUMERIK NCU 7x0.3 PN

Compact 2 PROFIBUS bus connectors with fault-free quick connection

The simple and reliable PROFIBUS interface connection and the faultless PROFIBUS data transfer for the new Siemens SINUMERIK NCU 7x0.3 PN the new tailored Compact 2 plug&play bus connector with two M12 connection interfaces for the bus connection has been developped. Easy plug-in of the new Provertha bus connector and plug-in of the M12 bus cables and the play of the PROFIBUS follows immediately.

Technical features

  • Very compact tailored dimensions for the assembly conditions of the SINUMERIK NCU 7x0.3 PN
  • Cable connection: 90° to D-Sub mating interface
  • Fault-free PROFIBUS connection achieved by M12 connectors with B-coding for the PROFIBUS cable connection
  • Reliable quick and simple PROFIBUS connection within a few seconds
  • E asy installation without special knowledge
  • Entirely shielded zinc die-cast housing for EMC/RFI-proofness with special shielding geometry of the housing
  • Solid switch lever can be operated externally to activate the bus termination
  • Switch ON/OFF position colored and visible from front side
  • Programming/diagnosis option with 2nd D-Sub
  • Locking: Knurled screw UNC 4-40
  • 100 % tested bus connectors

System specific features

  • Approved function and security for the maximum number of 40 PROFIBUS participants with Provertha bus connectors at 12 Mbit/s
  • Only minimum signal impact and signal modification,when the bus connector is connected
  • The bus connector plug&play M12 is adjusted for PROFIBUS DP and thereby prevents reflections
  • The influence of problematic bus components will be mostly compensated

Datenrate/Data rate

max. 12 MBit/s

Steckverbinder und Pinbelegung/ Connectors and pin layout

gemäß Profibus Spezifikation/acc. to Profibus specification

Profibus DP Schnittstelle/Profibus DP Interface 

D-Sub, 9-polig, Stift/D-Sub 9 poles male

Profibus DP PG Schnittstelle/Profibus DP PG Interface

D-Sub, 9-polig, Buchse/D-Sub 9 pins female

Profibus Kabel-Schnittstelle/Profibus cable interface

M12 B-Codierung Stift und Buchse/M12 B-code male and female

Kabelausgang/Cable output

M12 Buchse/M12 female

Kabeleingang/Cable input 

M12 Stift/M12 male

Konfektionierte geschirmte Profibus M12-Leitungen B-Code/Shielded Profibus M12-Cable assemblies B-Code

Pinbelegung gemäß Profibus Spezifikation/ Schirm auf Gehäuse/Pin assignment acc. to Profibus specification/shield onto shell

Busabschluss/Bus termination

Busabschluss-Widerstände über extern bedienbaren Schalter aktivierbar/Bus termination resistors activated via external switch

Mechanische Lebensdauer/Mechanical lifetime

Min. 200 Steckzyklen/min. 200 mating cycles

Temperaturbereich/Temperature range

- 20° C bis/up to 70° C

Zulässige Feuchtigkeit/Permissible humidity

max. 75 % bei +25 °C, nicht kondensierend/ max. 75% at +25 °C non-condensing

Schutzart / Degree of protection

IP 30

Gehäusewerkstoff/Housing material

Zn-Legierung/Zn alloy

D-Sub Schraubverriegelung/D-Sub locking screw

UNC 4-40


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