D-Sub Top-Hat Rail Adapter

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D-Sub Top-Hat Rail Adapter

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D-Sub Top-Hat Rail Adapter

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DIN Rail Adapter

The Special and Compact D-Sub DIN rail adapter with two angled cable exits are the secure solution for the modular signal distribution in railway rack systems or industrial automation rack systems.

The quick and easy snap-on-assembly and the save grounding on the DIN rail is achieved by the solid DIN rail clip.


  • Compact (cable outlet 2 x 90°)
  • Special (cable outlet 2 x 35°)
  • External cable clamp on request
  • Provertha crimp flange system, other versions are available on request
  • D-Sub Connector with thread type M3, other versions are available on request

Technische Daten / Technical data

D-Sub Schnittstelle/D-Sub interface Buchse, 9-polig/Female 9-pin
Mechanische Lebensdauer/Mechanical lifetime 200 Steckzyklen/200 Mating cycles
Temperaturbereich/Temperature range -20° C bis/up to 90° C
Zulässige Feuchtigkeit/Premissible humidity Max. 75% bei +25° C, nicht kondensierend Max. 75% at +25° C, non-condensing
Schutzart/Degree of protection IP 30
Gehäusewerkstoff/Housing material ZnAl
D-Sub Schraubverriegelung/D-Sub locking screw UNC 4-40
Kabeldurchmesser/Cable diameter in mm  
Kabelklemme extern/Cable clame external       (mit anderen Kabelklemmen:)/                            with other cable clamps:) 7-10 mm                                                  4-14 mm                                               4-14 mm
Crimpflansch/Crimp flange 2.8-8.7 mm
Crimpflansch-Version/Crimp flange version      (ohne Crimpflansch / without crimp flange  
Compact 48 x 42 x 16,8  
Special 70,3 x 42 x 16,8  
Kabelklemme extern/Cable clamp external  


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