The PROVERTHA hood range also includes, in addition to high-quality die-cast hoods, versatile plastic and metallised hoods.

Plastic hoods and metallised hoods

Our plastic hoods or plastic cable sleeves are made of high-quality ABS plastic and our metallised hoods of high-quality metallised flame-retarding ABS plastics. They have different cable exits and latching systems such as screw latching, slide latching, clip latching or our groundbreaking Quick Lock latching system.

HF-dense die-cast hoods

Die-cast cable sleeves from PROVERTHA are particularly easy to mount due to tapped threads, mechanically extremely resilient and easy to grip. It’s possible to open the die-cast hoods multiple times without impairing the product characteristics such as the optimum HF-density, which is guaranteed in connection with crimp flanges.

Cable sleeves with different latching systems

In addition to various cable exit options and different shielding solutions, our hood and cable sleeve range offers a variety of innovative latching programmes, for example the Quick-Lock latching system. PROVERTHA’s hoods can be mounted quickly, easily and safely.

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