Compact distributon box with 360° shielding

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Compact distributon box with 360° shielding

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Compact distributon box with 360° shielding


Compact reliable distribution box

360° shielding and variable connection options

The compact distribution system convinces on the one hand by its flexibility and is tailor-made for every application with the expansion options (duplication) of the basic version by means of an adapter.
On the other hand, this distribution system ensures high reliability through its special design with full metal housing and vibration-proof crimp technology as connection technology. This makes teh box ideal for robust applications in rough environment

Technical features

- 360 ° shielding due to special full metal housing design
- Plug & play with M12 connection male or female
  for the codings A, B, D, A-8 or M8 upon request
- Crimp flange / crimp sleeve for cable shield connection and
  strain relief torsion- and vibration-proof
- Cable clamp for special cables with an outer diameter
  of up to 14mm
- Cable bushing for cost-effective cable connection without special  
- Basic version with 5 inputs / outputs
- Blanking plug for closing unused inputs / outputs
- Extension with an adapter on distribution boxes
  Number of inputs / outputs: Number of basic versions x 4
- Version with 2 integrated fastening straps for the wall

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