M8 V4A Crimp

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M8 V4A Crimp

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M8 V4A Crimp


M8 A-code V4A Crimp crimp flange for food&beverage

360° shielding and vibration-/torsion-proof 

The new stainless steel M8 A-code cable connector crimp in version 3-pole and 4-pole available with cable flange in protection degree IP 67 fulfills especially the fail-safe connection and the secure data transmission in demanding automation applications in   food&beverage, process technology and maritime applications. This is achieved by
the high quality stainless steel V4 and the secure contact termination of the Ethernet signal wires due to turned crimp contacts together with the safe cable shield contact and
the vibration-/torsion-proof strain relief with the crimpf flange/crimp sleeve system.
The full metal housing ensures high robustness and protects against


Technical features

- High quality stainless steel V4A
- Hygienic design
- Very compact dimensions for constricted
  assembly conditions
- M8 with 360° EMI/RFI shielding achieved by
  fully shielded housing and special crimp flange system
- Crimp flange system with crimp insert and crimp sleeve
  secures the effective shielding over the lifetime with
  extremely hard conditions
- Crimp insert and crimp sleeve will be qualified for the cable
- Insulators with A-4 coding for EtherCAT and A-3 for sensors
- Turned contact for secure secure signal contact
- Reliable quick and simple assembly by means
  of crimp snap-in contacts and pre-assembled housing
  with only a few parts
- Vibration and torsion-proof cable strain relief
  for rough environment achieved by hexagonal crimp
  of the crimp sleeve of the crimp flange system
- Degree of protection: IP 67 (only screw-locked)
- Crimp tools for signal contacts and crimp
  sleeve as accessories available

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