Bus connectors for every use

We are offering bus connectors/distributors for every use, no matter how high the demands are – our bus connectors are functional and failsafe. Our product range for bus networks includes standard bus connectors, axial bus connectors, compact and special bus connectors as well as T-distributors and Y-distributors.

PROVERTHA professional bus connectors have an UL approval and are therefore approved for the American and the Canadian market.

Bus connectors with failsafe quick connectors

With the Plug & Play M12 bus connectors, we guarantee a fast and reliable connection of the bus connectors, by the use of internal or external cable clamps for example. The use of the proven crimp flange technology makes PROVERTHA bus connections vibration-proof and the zinc die-cast housing makes them fully shielded for maximum for EMI/RFI safety. PROVERTHA’s axial bus connector has a 180° cable exit towards the D-Sub plug direction, the PROVERTHA compact and standard connectors have a 90° cable exit and the special bus connector has a 55° cable exit towards the D-sub plug direction. PROVERTHA bus connectors have an external operable switch lever which is used to activate the bus termination.

T distributors and Y distributors for CAN-bus/Profibus networks

PROVERTHA T distributors and Y distributors are fully industrial-suited and were developed especially for applications with high EMV demands and extremely rough environmental conditions. Our CAN-bus and Profibus distributors are fully shielded through massive die-cast housings in protection class IP 67. All distributors have an M12 connection and can be used in Profibus and CAN-bus applications.

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