M12 Cable Connectors 90°

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M12 Cable Connectors 90°

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M12 Cable Connectors 90°


Fully shielded M12 90° Cable Connector Crimp 

The angled M12 Cable Connector 90° Flex was developed especially 
for the fault-free data transmission in harsh environments and for difficult installation conditions. The safe function at hardest conditions is achieved through the crimp termination 
for the signal contact and for the cable shield. 
The special design provides the flexibility for the 90° cable outlet to adjust to any installation condition. 

Technical features

- Flexible cable outlet 90°

- 8 cable outlet options (8 x 45°) for any installation condition

- Simple selection of the position and lock against rotation of the cable outlet 

- Male and female versions 

- Coding: A-coding 5-pin and A-coding 8-pin plus D-coding 4-pin

- Effective 360° EMI/RFI shielding due to special fully shielded housing 
  and crimp flange/crimp sleeve system 

-Torsion- and vibration-proof strain relief

- Easy assembly due to only a few single parts 

- Compact dimensions with small diameter 

- M12 Locking nut with combined knurled and hexagon combination       
  shape for tightening with defined torque

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